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Wine box Christmas 2020

For the most impatient wine lovers who want to receive immediately my wine, I suggest “Christmas lunch” wine box, a special box with 6 bottles for Christmas day, or even before Christmas day ;-).

You’ll find:

  • 1 bottle of Cuvee and 1 bottle of Primo Incontro, perfect sparkling wines for Christmas lunch,
  • 1 bottle of El Gian and 1 bottle of Col Moenia, still white wines perfect to know Gambellara Garganega grape variety,
  • 1 bottle of 1950, a ruby red Merlot ideal with red meat dishes,
  • 1 bottle of Cul d'Oro, a Garganega recioto wine, a sweet wine which is perfect to end your meal with almond small pastry, but also foie gras and matured cheese.

Contact me for more info.

2020 has almost come to an end, I’ll tell you how it was for me

The last month of this tough 2020 has arrived, it’s been a hard year with fast changes day by day but Nature, as I have already told you, continues its work without any problem and we should support it trying to think the way Nature thinks.

New projects haven’t stopped: we have planted new vineyards, created new wines and thought about news for the next future.

During Spring we worked hard in order to plant a new vineyard 450 m.a.s.l. with durella grape variety, another indigenous grape variety, it will be beautiful in some years to remember that during 2020 lockdown I was busy planting 4000 new vines of durella.

During Summer I completely dedicated myself to vineyards, I followed day by day the different stages in order to bring them to their maximum potentiality during the harvest.

Weather was good this year, by the end of August we began the harvest. Così, dopo un’annata meteorologicamente buona, siamo arrivati a fine agosto ad iniziare la vendemmia. Harvest this year has been staggered on the basis of the different grape varieties I have, and it lasted until 14th October. The wines are now maturing in the winery, with their low alcohol level, freshness and particular saltiness vintage 2020 will of course give us great emotions.

I have interesting and tasty news for the upcoming year, in the very first months of 2021 a new wine of Vignato family called “Sera” will be unveiled.

I’ve been working for almost 5 years on this wine and… I can’t tell you anymore.

This is also the moment for new year wishes, wishing you a year full of health, strength and quick re-start. Happy new year and good health everybody!!!

"Col Moenia" awarded by the guide of Corriere della Sera

Beyond the International Horeca Grand Prix 2020, my Gambellara Classico “Col Moenia” is in the guide “I migliori 100 vini e vignaioli d’Italia” (“100 Italian best  wines and winemakers”) by Corriere della Sera, where Luca Gardini, world best sommelier in 2010, and the journalist Luciano Ferrero have chosen my volcanic wines among the Italian wine excellences.
The guide, published since 2013, lists the 100 best wines of last vintage with the scores of Luca Gardini.

What can I say? Even though this 2020 is a particularly tough and demanding year, let’s look to the future with a smile on our face!

History, territory, nature. Each choice makes sense: harvest 2020, the good results of patience

Harvest 2020 has begun a week earlier than last harvest. On the 20th August we began with the first grape bunches for the pied de cuve, the natural starter of fermentation, while the last grape bunches arrived in the winery on the 14th October.

In this vintage in particular I noticed how our grape varieties Garganega and Durella, typical of our territory, are able to give great results if you have the patience to wait a bit more.

In the first days of September I was a little bit scared because ripening was slow, the rainy summer diluted the substances inside the grape and the vine wasn’t able to concentrate them. Then September hot days and cold nights have finally arrived and vines begun to work hard, the color of the grape bunches became golden, red, then orange, some of them turned kind of purple. The grape has been able to concentrate sugar, aromas, smells so the product in October was perfect to be harvested.

By now, since the wines are still fermenting, I can say it has been a good vintage, exciting as usual, chaotic and demanding, but I’m sure that in November I’ll receive great satisfactions from the smells of the wines during cold autumn days.

Adoptions in the vineyard: a row of vines with your name on it

Adopt a row of vines and follow its growth step by step until it becomes a bottle of wine. This is the new proposal for those who want to live a different experience and get deeply in touch with our daily work.

What does “adopting a row of vines” mean? A row of Garganega or Durella grape variety from our vineyards on the hills will be called by the name of the person who adopts it, the person will also receive an adoption certificate. For the whole year we will send by mail pictures where you’ll see all the changings through winter, spring, summer and autumn. On the specific row we’ll place a tag with the name of the adopter on it.

Who adopts a row of vines has some reserved benefits. He/she will receive a specific number of bottles of wine coming from that specific vineyard and, depending on the option, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a guided tour in the vineyard and in the winery with a tasting or a small break pairing typical products with wine and enjoy a visit to the volcano of Gambellara.

Annual adoption n. 1 – The first proposal is dedicated to our Garganega vineyard. With a subscription of 100 € you’ll adopt a row of vines and you’ll receive 6 bottles of Gambellara Doc, the volcanic wine from the grape bunches of Garganega.

Annual adoption n. 2 – The second proposal is dedicated to our Garganega and Durella vineyard. With a subscription of 200 € you’ll adopt a row of vines and you’ll receive 6 bottles of Gambellara Doc or Durello sparkling wine, with a customized label. You’ll also have the chance to book a guided tour of the winery with a wine tasting.

Annual adoption n. 3 – The third proposal is dedicated to our Garganega and Durella vineyard. With a subscription of 300 € you’ll adopt a row of vines and you’ll receive 6 bottles of Gambellara Doc or Durello sparkling wine, with a customized label. You’ll also have the chance to book a guided tour of the winery, a stroll among the vineyards, a visit of the volcano (an hour more or less), a tasting of our wines paired with typical products (soppressa, cheese and honey) and a lunch or dinner for a person in a restaurant near here.

To receive more information about the adoptions you can directly call the winery (tel. 0444.444144) or write an email to

My promise in these difficult days

We’re living such strange and hard weeks. I would have been travelling to the USA in this very period for an important wine fair, while my sister in Italy would have just come back from Vinnatur. But, like everyone else, we’re home and we’re working in the vineyard, watching a scenery two months ago no one would ever have thought.

Our habits have changed, we have other priorities, we have discovered new fears but have also rediscovered some aspects of our lives that we had forgot or overlooked. 

Those who have the good fortune of living in the countryside, have noticed the stillness of human kind against the strong vitality of Nature, that during Springtime has begun to flourish with wonderful colours and perfumes, a precise hymn to life that this year has an even stronger power. Nature has always taught us that after each Winter and each effort comes Spring and joy, for this reason we have to look forward being optimistic and caring for everything that surrounds us.

For this very reason, in the last few days, we have planted a new Durella vineyard, 450 m.a.s.l. We have to wait some years before seeing its fruits, but when we’ll harvest those grape bunches we can look back and be happy for not having stopped ourselves during these days and have bet on Nature and on our little and beloved territory. 

First news of the year, full of good news!

I’ll start telling you about a new collaboration since January with Meteri, an Italian wine supplier which selects natural wines produced by wine-artisans that respect the cycle of nature, of vineyards and traditions.

They have already involved me in new initiatives, meetings with agents, events; I’m very satisfied, most of all because they share the same idea and vision I have about what a wine should be and about the respect towards the territory.

My and their vision is that wines have to be natural without any compromise: essential elements of a good natural wine are drinkability, cleanliness and elegance, that are values in which I perfectly identify myself and that I always try to express in every single bottle.

I will participate with them to the next edition of Live Wine at Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan on 5thand 6thon July, an event dedicated to artisan wine organized in collaboration with the event “Vini di Vignaioli-Vins de Vignerons” and the Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia.

On the 24th and 25th of May I will be in Fano for Biagioli Wine Festival, an event for wine lovers, sommeliers and operators (for operators especially on Monday).

Masterclasses will be organized with some of the major Italian enologists, the proceeds go to the hospital "Salesi di Ancona".

History, territory, nature. Each choice makes sense: activities in the winery

The work in the winery in the last months has been chaotic, hard, laborious and tough: neverending days. Every year the harvest period is the same, you wait for it with great anxiety, you fall inside its vortex and, at the end, everything becomes again calm, peaceful and quiet.

Now I’m here in the winery, where the wines lie as nature wants during the cold winter months. During winter period, the winery instills peace and patience; you only have to wait for the the wines to mature, I help them with weekly battonage, the grape bunches hung up on the “picai” are slowly drying waiting for the right moment to be pressed, which is when the berries have a particular sugar concentration that is no more fermentable.

In this period we clean all the different part of the winery, from the pressing area to the tanks that during the harvest period we have forgotten because of the hard work we had to do. I really like working in the winery in this special period, I love tasting the wines from the different tanks and barriques. I immediately think about the taste of the grapes, he very early rising in the mornings, the few hours slept during the nights in the most tough period of the year: the harvesting period.

A long and intense year, and your 2019?

2019 is a year I’ll surely remember for many reasons.

First of all, the climate trend, that a lot of people judged as unexpected, but in my opinion May has looked like the one of 65/70 years ago. May 2019 has been an extremely rainy month, with low temperatures that slowed down the sprout of vines and the growth. But low temperature also helped me with the protection of vineyards, especially against downy mildew: despite the several rains the infection has never affected my vineyards.  Thanks to this climate trend the grape harvest has been particularly late and lasted until the end of October.

This year I have also organized the logistics inside the winery, diversifying the places where I produce bulk wine, from the place where I produce the wine that will be bottled. There is also an area for the agricultural machinery and products. I have built a platform for a new fridge and, for the moment, 3 insulated tanks that will help me in the wine production and will save more than 50% of energy compared to the old tanks.

In 2019 I also enjoyed new areas, some of this area was already a vineyard (381 m.a.s.l., where the grape variety is Garganega), and in other areas (about 430 m.a.s.l.) I will plant new vines in 2020, probably Durella grape variety. I was looking for higher areas, in terms of m.a.s.l., because the temperature range between day and night is greater, the climate is fresher during summer and grapes will surely mature better giving more personality to the wine, I’m happy to have finally found those places!