Wines of Gambellara, of volcanic hills, of its people.

Wine is a story of nature. Nature that comes from the soil, from the history of a place and from that spontaneous conviviality among people. I’m happy when I hear that Davide Vignato’s wines are recognizable by the first sip but reveal their essence in time.

My wines are sapid and elegant, complex and fine. They are an expression of the volcanic territory of Gambellara. My wines are born form vines which are free from herbicide and chemical products, vines that have their roots planted deep among minerals and basaltic dark rocks, in a fertile soil cultivated with natural techniques using green manure and organic substances.

In the winery I never leave anything to chance. Producing organic wines means working harder than the past but doing less interventions. Technique, experience, precision, perseverance: I’m working with something alive, I need to take care of it, I have to foresee its potential and follow its natural path.

Such as an artisan foresees the result from a marble block or a piece of wood, I have learnt and I’m currently learning each vine of my vineyards and their potential. Hands, head and heart are the tools of my daily work, which is passion, study and vision.