This year we have experienced a severe drought, in order to keep vines alive we had to water the youngest vineyards and the Durella vineyard planted last year in Brenton.
At the same time I feel satisfied because all the works that we usually carry on after the harvest, from green manure to soil tillage, have shown their benefits; working in this way we let roots go deep in the soil so if drought happens, it is less severe.
About this, I clearly remember my father telling me that I would have never produced grape bunches from the highest vines because during drought in summer those vines would have suffered a lot. Today, instead, we see that thanks to annual cares to enrich the soil, the roots of those vines are very deep and have become even more strong compared to 15/20 years ago. A small satisfaction…

Harvest 2022 has begun a bit earlier; I have harvested grapes for “Primo Incontro” a week before last year, which has been positive for my other tasks; if I’m able to finish earlier I’ll have more free time and will be able to visit Raw Wine fair in Toronto in November.

My expectations for this harvest are a lot, I think it will be a good vintage, but I have to say that because of drought the bunches were smaller and with less must, so unavoidably we’ll produce less bottles. From the first data I have collect, choosing some grapes for the pied de cuve, a starter for the fermentation of our “Primo Incontro”, I discovered good results: maybe there will be less alcohol content, but freshness, acidity and minerality of the salt and soil of Gambellara are still present.

This year we will also harvest some Durella grape bunches from the new vineyard in Brenton, during these days or by the end of September: since it’s 450 m msl the maturation is delayed. This is a new and very exciting adventure for me, I’ll keep you updated.

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