Saturday June 25th the adopters, those who decided to adopt one of the row of my vineyards, came to visit the winery in Gambellara and take care of their row.

At 9.30 a.m. we were ready to leave for a 20 minutes walk to get to the vineyard in a place called “Brovia”, where they are the vineyards dedicated to the adopters; before starting to work we took a few pictures, everyone next to their row.

The first activity was to “brush” the rows, tying the shoots in order to arrange the canopy, this technique is called “palizzatura” in Italian.

Once we finished, since it was really hot, we needed to have an aperitif to reintegrate mineral salts. To make the moment unique and special we opened the first official bottle of “Alba” 2021,

After the break we were cooled and restored, so we began the second practice: leaves removal. Leaves removal is about peeling off some leaves near the bunches of grape to give more air, sunlight and less chance for humidity to develop; in this way the bunches are clear and the spray application more efficient. We only removed the older leaves, leaving the youngest that perfectly nourish the bunches, cover them as a hat and avoid them to be burnt by the hot summer sun.

At 1.00 p.m. we were hungry and the sun was at this point very high in the sky, so we came back to the winery and started the convivial part of the day: a tasting of our wines paired with typical products.

I have to say that I really appreciate these days with the adopters, it’s inspiring, a continuous exchange of ideas and friendship. People sometimes come also from far away to spend these moments together: a vivid cultural mix that really creates special links among all the participants.

It’s so true: wine is staying together in good company!

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