On Friday 19th August, in the afternoon, while we were preparing all the equipment for the upcoming harvest, I got injured: I accidentally put my hand inside the sideboard of the trailer. The sideboard the has been closed and has pressed my right ring finger. The injury was serious, the doctors immediately decided to go on with surgery and used a special type of iron prothesis to block my hand.

Right after the surgery we have experienced real concern, I was blocked and couldn’t do much, for the sake of my injured finger. The following days I was inside out hospital for visits and medical treatments: in those days I realized that everything was changed, I was really worried about the upcoming harvest… I needed to re-organize everything asap.
Fortunately Matteo, that has been working with me for years, is capable and autonomous. He already knows my reality and what I want to obtain: so he’s managing the harvest right now, together with another colleague that is helping him. They are my hands in the winery, since I can’t do much.
We are facing this particular harvest day by day, organizing few days per time, without thinking at the long period. So I think harvest 2022 will be longer, with a slower rhythm.

For the first time my point of view will be different because I won’t be on the front line, as I used to: I will watch other people working. Importan decisions, of course, will be mine, but I will certainly learn to work in a team and trust other people.
We try to organize everything the best way possible: timetable, grape harvest, works in the winery, autumn rains keeping on communicating day by day.

One thing I will certainly remember is the real affection of many wine producers next to me: they got in touch with me to know how the situation was and to send help if I needed it during harvest. This sensibility was touching.

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