The vines used

How is the little “Adopt a vine” project going? It is a unique experience amid the rows of Garganega vines. As I described in the last e-mail, in June I had another meeting with the friends of Azienda Agricola Davide Vignato, where we cut away the leaves around the bunches of grapes. First there was […]

The soil: subarea of Faldeo, where I harvest the grapes for Sera

In past newsletters I have spoken about the two CDO (Controlled Designation of Origin) subareas of Gambellara, Monti di Mezzo and Pianura, but today I want to talk about the Cru where I harvest the grapes of my new wine Sera, the Faldeo. The Faldeo is located in the south-western part of the CDO area, […]

The debut of Sera

Today I will talk about my second news item, Sera, an orange wine with a bright orange colour connected with very old winemaking techniques, which together with Alba will represent a new page in the history of our land.The bunches of Garganega used to make Sera come from a vineyard forty-five years old located in […]

Grape harvest 2021

Here we are again this year at this long awaited event which is so frenetic and much loved, the grape harvest!I have been getting the winery equipment ready right from early August, washing the vats, the press and the crates so that I won’t be unprepared if the grape harvest should start suddenly, but this […]