How is the little “Adopt a vine” project going? It is a unique experience amid the rows of Garganega vines.
As I described in the last e-mail, in June I had another meeting with the friends of Azienda Agricola Davide Vignato, where we cut away the leaves around the bunches of grapes. First there was a theoretical explanation and then the practical activity. After some hard work we ended the day with some good wine tasting.

In this period instead we have come to the beautiful picturesque grape harvest. I took some time to decide on the new date of the meeting with the vine adopters due to the late ripening of the Garganega. The date set for the meeting is 25 September.
After a short walk for 20 minutes we will come to the rows of vines and start the harvest for about an hour and then go back to the winery for a toast together and to taste the must of the newly harvested grapes. It will be a nice time for being together.

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