Today I will talk about my second news item, Sera, an orange wine with a bright orange colour connected with very old winemaking techniques, which together with Alba will represent a new page in the history of our land.
The bunches of Garganega used to make Sera come from a vineyard forty-five years old located in the hill subarea of Faldeo di Gambellara, a volcanic land which has given freshness and elegance to this wine.

The spontaneous fermentation, initiated by indigenous yeasts, takes place in the presence of the skins for four months before maturation in steel vats for about a year before bottling.
The result is a wine with brilliant colours, intense aromas and a contemporary flavour, arising from the idea, together with Alba, to explore and experiment with the previously unknown potential of the volcanic soil of Gambellara which is rich in basalt and tuff, using winemaking methods worlds apart from the traditional ways.

The two wines are different since with Alba the focus was on a second fermentation in the bottle initiated by the Garganega with its autochthonous yeasts while Sera, the sovereign grape of this land, was left in contact with its skins for one hundred and twenty days in order to extract all the most intense aromas and flavours.

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