The work in the winery in the last months has been chaotic, hard, laborious and tough: neverending days. Every year the harvest period is the same, you wait for it with great anxiety, you fall inside its vortex and, at the end, everything becomes again calm, peaceful and quiet.

Now I’m here in the winery, where the wines lie as nature wants during the cold winter months. During winter period, the winery instills peace and patience; you only have to wait for the the wines to mature, I help them with weekly battonage, the grape bunches hung up on the “picai” are slowly drying waiting for the right moment to be pressed, which is when the berries have a particular sugar concentration that is no more fermentable.

In this period we clean all the different part of the winery, from the pressing area to the tanks that during the harvest period we have forgotten because of the hard work we had to do. I really like working in the winery in this special period, I love tasting the wines from the different tanks and barriques. I immediately think about the taste of the grapes, he very early rising in the mornings, the few hours slept during the nights in the most tough period of the year: the harvesting period.

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