2019 is a year I’ll surely remember for many reasons.

First of all, the climate trend, that a lot of people judged as unexpected, but in my opinion May has looked like the one of 65/70 years ago. May 2019 has been an extremely rainy month, with low temperatures that slowed down the sprout of vines and the growth. But low temperature also helped me with the protection of vineyards, especially against downy mildew: despite the several rains the infection has never affected my vineyards.  Thanks to this climate trend the grape harvest has been particularly late and lasted until the end of October.

This year I have also organized the logistics inside the winery, diversifying the places where I produce bulk wine, from the place where I produce the wine that will be bottled. There is also an area for the agricultural machinery and products. I have built a platform for a new fridge and, for the moment, 3 insulated tanks that will help me in the wine production and will save more than 50% of energy compared to the old tanks.

In 2019 I also enjoyed new areas, some of this area was already a vineyard (381 m.a.s.l., where the grape variety is Garganega), and in other areas (about 430 m.a.s.l.) I will plant new vines in 2020, probably Durella grape variety. I was looking for higher areas, in terms of m.a.s.l., because the temperature range between day and night is greater, the climate is fresher during summer and grapes will surely mature better giving more personality to the wine, I’m happy to have finally found those places!

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