In the last years the topic of caps for the closure of wine bottles is often discussed.

We find the classic cork in different types, for example the natural one-piece cork, the agglomerated cork, with or without rings and so on.

Then there are the silicone caps, the screw caps, the crown seals and the glass caps: these are the most used.

Which one should I use? There are different things to consider. You have to choose considering the wine that the cap has to protect: if the wine is young or aged, red or white, even habits and the context in which you open the bottle have to be considered.

If the bottle is opened at a restaurant I prefer a beautiful one-piece cork, while for a quick aperitif a screw cap or crown seal are fine. 

Some years ago I decided to change cap for El Gian, my still easy to drink Garganega wine, because I had problems with cork.

I immediately thought about a screw cap. So I bought many bottles sealed with screw caps, some of them expensive others less, to open in different times: at home with my family, with friends and clients, during parties. Other people didn’t know about it, but I wanted to test their reactions with screw cap: from the opening of the bottle to the tasting of the wine. During parties the cap could be also a plastic one, they didn’t really care, so for this category the test has failed 😊

Among the others the answer was: 50% of the people didn’t care about cap, 30% of them liked the screw cap and the last 20% didn’t like it. 

I decided to go for a screw cap because of the emotion I felt while opening the bottle: it seemed like I was opening soft drinks or spirits. So I decided to use 100% recyclable screw cap, from sustainable raw materials produced with sugar cane.

Another cap I love and I consider very good is the crown seal. I started to use it in 2014 for the Primo Incontro, my Garganega wine with a refermentation in the bottle. For that specific case I didn’t do any specific test, I really liked it and immediately went for it. Primo Incontro is the wine of conviviality, to open when people meet together and are happy: the crown seal was the ideal one for that occasion. It is technically perfect, young and for a fresh wine nobody ever did not agree with that choice.

This year I started to use it for another wine: Alba (dawn). A rosé merlot refermented in the bottle with the addition of dried Garganega must, similar to Primo Incontro. Colorful and energic just as dawn is. (here you can read more about it). Was it the right choice?? 

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