Today I’d like to introduce you one of the two wines I’ve been working on lately: Alba, a rosé fizzy wine that will be released on the 1st of July.

This wine is refermented in the bottle and it’s produced with Merlot grape variety, a vineyard raised with “pergola vicentina” training system and which is older than 70 years, it is located in Ronchi area. The first fermentation begins with indigenous yeasts, then in winter I just add a bit of Recioto di Gambellara must which activates a second refermentation in the bottle without the addition of sulphur dioxide.

The result is a sur lie wine with brilliant colors and perfumes, an hymn to conviviality and to the pleasure to meet each other for a toast together, bright pink in color, it smells of fragrant red fruit and rose.

Pleasantness and drinkability are its main features, ideal for the aperitif, for a snack with friends or during the meal for those who prefer genuine tastes to complex and structured aromas.

My goal in the last few years is producing territory wine with a strong identity.

With Alba and the other wine that will be shortly released I wanted to try two different winemaking techniques; in both  cases terroir is the key: a mix of saltiness, freshness and elegance which are the trademarks of the volcanic soils of Gambellara.

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