I’ll start telling you about a new collaboration since January with Meteri, an Italian wine supplier which selects natural wines produced by wine-artisans that respect the cycle of nature, of vineyards and traditions.

They have already involved me in new initiatives, meetings with agents, events; I’m very satisfied, most of all because they share the same idea and vision I have about what a wine should be and about the respect towards the territory.

My and their vision is that wines have to be natural without any compromise: essential elements of a good natural wine are drinkability, cleanliness and elegance, that are values in which I perfectly identify myself and that I always try to express in every single bottle.

I will participate with them to the next edition of Live Wine at Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan on 5thand 6thon July, an event dedicated to artisan wine organized in collaboration with the event “Vini di Vignaioli-Vins de Vignerons” and the Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia.

On the 24th and 25th of May I will be in Fano for Biagioli Wine Festival, an event for wine lovers, sommeliers and ho.re.ca. operators (for ho.re.ca. operators especially on Monday).

Masterclasses will be organized with some of the major Italian enologists, the proceeds go to the hospital “Salesi di Ancona”.

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