How much is time worth? Which value can I give to time?

I often ask myself this question and I always find different answers. Nature for sure teaches me that time has to be respected, passed, awaited, and lived fully in every single moment.

Just think about how much time I have to wait for the fruits after having planted a young vine: 3 years they say, but what if I want to have good quality grape? Maybe 5 or 10?

Many times I think about it and the only thing I’m sure is that time is absolutely precious and doesn’t have to be wasted.

Today I’m planting a vine and the vine immediately starts working, it doesn’t wait a second to become bigger and produce grape, but it starts immediately and works hard every day. My task is just helping it, day by day, to become bigger, just as you do with newborns: it’s exactly the same!

In each moment of the year, vines have their perfect time, unique and irreplaceable: time for pruning, time for sprayings… then it’s time for the harvest; each moment has its maximum importance. Some times are slower, other are quicker, it looks like a melody to be followed, a magical rhythm that creates its own music.

And what about the winery? Does it change somehow? No, I have to say.

It’s a slow and sweet composition. Pressing time is chaotic and everything goes quickly. Then, as if by magic, when the weather starts to be cooler, everything becomes more relaxed, calm and patient. The weekly battonage, the tastings of the wines in the tanks, “picai” that are slowly drying and the wait for them to be pressed. And after that the wait for wine maturation, their bottling in July… and everything starts again.

Here in the winery as well time has a precise value, and it’s about maturation and growth.

Yes, I’m sure: in the vineyards and in the winery, such as in life, time has an immense value, the value of growth, maturation and evolution.

The young vine that has just been planted, the wine that has just been pressed, me today: we are all more advanced and mature than yesterday and less then tomorrow. This is the value of time the nature passed me down and that I try to respect day by day.