New Year has finally come and I’m here with the usual good resolutions.

2018 for me will be all about storytelling: I will narrate myself and my company to most people possible.

It will be the year of the encounter: some events have already been scheduled and also meetings with my buyers in order to strengthen the bond with them, to deepen some topics and to try to let them know better my winery, my work, but most of all my territory and my idea of natural wines. Faithful to these aims, this year, in addition to VinitalyBio, I will also participate to VinNatur. It’s going to be a tough period because the two events will take place in the same weekend, but I really wanted to participate to both of them.

2018 will also be the year of travels: first of all, a travel to the United States to visit my buyer there and some of my distributors, because, you know, meeting each other face to face and spending some time together is useful to strengthen business and personal bonds; then I will travel to Belgium and maybe Germany.

I can’t forget Italy, of course: in some regions people still don’t know me and for this reason I decided to go there in person, to give them some pieces of advice and find out the best pairings between my wines and their regional dishes.

I will also work carefully in the vineyards in order to bring to the winery perfect bunches of grapes from my territory, and I will do the same in the winery as well to transform my grapes in good wines, that will be able to speak about Gambellara’s volcano.

2018 will be rich in challenges and interesting occasions to carry on my project!

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