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Ca’ Ronchi – Veneto Passito Rosso Igt.

100% Merot grape variety. The wine is named after the place in which my father Gian Domenico planted Merlot vines in 1950. The harvest is manual, and the grape bunches are selected and then dried in plateaux for 3 months. The wine rests in barrique for 12 months.
The colour is intense ruby red, it has a strong aroma of ripen red fruit. It is sapid in the mouth, with light aftertaste of sweet tannins. It has a good acidity.

Name: Passito rosso IGT Veneto
Production area: Gambellara (VI)
Subarea: Pianura
Grapes variety: Merlot 100%
Grape-Harvest: mid-September, hand picked
Vineyard: the grapes come from the vineyard in area of Ronchi, average age of the vines is 60 years, median altitude 50 m, dark alluvial soil, deriving from volcanic rocks
Training system: Vicentine trellis
Winemaking process: dried on trays for 3 months and fermentation at controlled temperatures with repeated and prolonged pressings.
Aging: matures on its lees in aged barrels for about 12 months, then bottled.

Colour: intense ruby red
Sensory profile: bouquet, small black berry fruits. The final opens with a sensation of aromatic herbs and spices.
The sweet taste is sharp and round, fruity with a slight aftertaste of sweet tannins.
Pairings: classic wine for sipping that finds the right taste combination with several cheeses, among which is gorgonzola. Traditionally it is combined with dry sweets such as pasta frolla
(shortbread pastry), cantucci (dry Tuscan biscuits), and sbrisolona (dry, crumbly cake from Mantua). Interesting pairing with dark chocolate.
Serving temperature: 16-18°C

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