During wintertime nature slows down, it’s frosty outside and ditches are frozen, but winery works never stop! In the last weeks we have pressed dried Garganega grape bunches, the bunches we prepared for the picai by mid-September and the result is a delicious and sweet juice. We still use a particular wine press called “torcolo” in our dialect, my grandfather almost 80 years ago used to press with it too. It takes two days to press all the bunches, special moments where we warm up body and soul with this wonderful grape juice.

Part of this nectar is added as yeasts and sugar for the refermentation in the bottle of the wines Primo Incontro and Alba, the rest of the nectar will become Recioto di Gambellara that we’re going to drink in a few years. The pressing of picai is not only a work, but also a tradition that every family in Gambellara follows each winter. These are special moments of joy: all the family works together, from the babies to the eldest, to accomplish a kind of ritual.

March is also time of degorgement: on Wednesday 2nd March the degorgement of Cuvee dei Vignato 2017, our Durello champenoise method that lies 48 months on the yeasts. Almost 20 days before the degorgement the bottles undergo a process in which the bottles are placed with the crown cap pointed down. In this way sediments slide toward the neck of the bottle. When sediment is compact enough, we remove it. We call a special company for this kind of operation: they have all the necessary to work in our winery. This is the procedure: the sediment and little part of wine get frozen, then they remove the cap and the ice is expelled by the pressure of the wine. This special machine then refills the bottle with some wine and the classic cork is replaced. At the end the bottle gets washed. We prefer to do this kind of operations during wintertime when the temperatures are slower and the wine is not stressed. After few months the bottle is ready to be opened and drunk in good company with special food.

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