Here we are with 2022 New Year’s resolutions, trying to be excited, with new perspectives and visions.
2021 for my winery has been the year of recovery: by the end of October the sales volume was the same as in year 2019 and we started to export to 2 new countries: Denmark and Finland. 2021 balance is extremely good!

What are we waiting for this new year? What are we trying to do in 2022? First we’ll start again with events in Italy and abroad. We have already booked for VinNatur Tasting in April and Raw Wine, we probably start again with the travels around the world to meet our clients.

Will be there new wines? In 2021 we have presented 2 new wines, “Alba” and “Sera” and by now the total labels are nine. We’ll see if something will come up from our new Durella vineyard planted in 2020, I have some ideas, but they need to mature a little bit more.

We are also considering the project of an enlargement of the existing portico as a warehouse for all the equipment that in the last few years, due to organic agriculture techniques, have increased a lot.

With the arrival of Spring this year will bring also more serenity and will to stay together! So we’ll keep on meeting people who have adopted our rows of vineyard in order to explain country life and some of the most important works in the vineyard, trying to instill the passion I have for this wonderful job which is being a farmer.

We are excited for this upcoming 2022: this year is rich of expectations, and some of the will be satisfied for sure.

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