The last month of this tough 2020 has arrived, it’s been a hard year with fast changes day by day but Nature, as I have already told you, continues its work without any problem and we should support it trying to think the way Nature thinks.

New projects haven’t stopped: we have planted new vineyards, created new wines and thought about news for the next future.

During Spring we worked hard in order to plant a new vineyard 450 m.a.s.l. with durella grape variety, another indigenous grape variety, it will be beautiful in some years to remember that during 2020 lockdown I was busy planting 4000 new vines of durella.

During Summer I completely dedicated myself to vineyards, I followed day by day the different stages in order to bring them to their maximum potentiality during the harvest.

Weather was good this year, by the end of August we began the harvest. Così, dopo un’annata meteorologicamente buona, siamo arrivati a fine agosto ad iniziare la vendemmia. Harvest this year has been staggered on the basis of the different grape varieties I have, and it lasted until 14th October. The wines are now maturing in the winery, with their low alcohol level, freshness and particular saltiness vintage 2020 will of course give us great emotions.

I have interesting and tasty news for the upcoming year, in the very first months of 2021 a new wine of Vignato family called “Sera” will be unveiled.

I’ve been working for almost 5 years on this wine and… I can’t tell you anymore.

This is also the moment for new year wishes, wishing you a year full of health, strength and quick re-start. Happy new year and good health everybody!!!

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