We’re living such strange and hard weeks. I would have been travelling to the USA in this very period for an important wine fair, while my sister in Italy would have just come back from Vinnatur. But, like everyone else, we’re home and we’re working in the vineyard, watching a scenery two months ago no one would ever have thought.

Our habits have changed, we have other priorities, we have discovered new fears but have also rediscovered some aspects of our lives that we had forgot or overlooked. 

Those who have the good fortune of living in the countryside, have noticed the stillness of human kind against the strong vitality of Nature, that during Springtime has begun to flourish with wonderful colours and perfumes, a precise hymn to life that this year has an even stronger power. Nature has always taught us that after each Winter and each effort comes Spring and joy, for this reason we have to look forward being optimistic and caring for everything that surrounds us.

For this very reason, in the last few days, we have planted a new Durella vineyard, 450 m.a.s.l. We have to wait some years before seeing its fruits, but when we’ll harvest those grape bunches we can look back and be happy for not having stopped ourselves during these days and have bet on Nature and on our little and beloved territory. 

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