This is a question people ask me a lot and I think about it often, in different period of my life…

My inclination has always been for steel, because it’s a clean material, easy to disinfect, inert, which doesn’t transfer any aromas to the wines and maintains freshness and minerality unchanged. This material helped me following my idea of producing wines from the territory, that’s why I chose it, a neutral tank that exalts the grape variety.

Anyway, lately I have been tempted by the idea of trying a wood fermentation, in order to smooth the saltiness and the freshness of my wines. I think that, if you’re able to use it correctly, even wood used with complex but fresh and acid wines can give great satisfactions.

So here I am, with a brand new 10 hl French oak, just in time for this harvest; my goal is to ferment very ripen grapes, the last harvested. Only in few months we’ll see if I had the right intuition. I’ll keep you updated!

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