Once I had defined the way I way I wanted to follow for my winery, thanks to all the experiences I’ve done and, most of all, to the meeting with an amazing Chardonnay from Loire Valley produced with natural technique, I came back home full of enthusiasm.

I was used to cultivate the soil following traditional techniques, my father was not sure at all about my choices that led to a great changing: the natural technique, either in agriculture and in the production of wine;

but we managed to agree on it and he gave me the possibility to cultivate a small plot of land following my ideas.

I started by eliminating herbicides and chemical fertilizers, I also began to work the land in a different way and decided to reduce yield per hectare in order to have less quantity of grapes but of highest quality.

It didn’t take a lot to see the very first changings: in two years the leaves began to change their color in stronger green; after more or less four years the grape bunches also began to benefit having a more intense golden color; the taste was richer and the skin crispier. I was very enthusiast of these results so I went to my father, who was satisfied as well for this amazing and tastier bunches, and he asked me “and now, what shall we do?”. My father used to sell the grapes by weight: since the production was very restricted, the idea of following my agriculture techniques wasn’t profitable at all.

Then, after having reconverted other plots, the right moment came! I managed to find clients that were looking for this kind of grape, and our grape were a step ahead of the others! That’s why I decided to convert all the farm to organic agriculture. It took several years to detoxify the soil from the traditional agriculture but finally, in 2006, we started to produce our own wine.

A real changing that gave me the possibility to renew the whole winery and its philosophy, coming back to authentic wine! A travel to the future to come back to the origins.

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