I have always lived off winery and land, I remember when I was little, after school and in the evening, I used to help my father to press the grape, pour the wine and try everything there is to do in a winery.
There was a time in which my father used to produce its own wine and used to sell it as bulk wine in the tanks, he also used to produce few bottles of Recioto wine. Then a fast change: by the beginning of 90’s he decided to directly sell the bunches of grapes he produced, no more winemaking and everything else; I was still too young and my father didn’t know if it was worth or not to invest in the winery for my future, this happened also in 1997, when I started with my own business, I newly turned adult, with few agriculture studies in my background, but very curious take this challenge.

Day by day, working by his side, putting literally my hands in the soil, breathing the smell of the countryside, living the 4 seasons outside in the vineyards, my passion grew stronger and I started to visit other people’s wineries and participate to events where I could taste different wines, meet the producers and, most of all, speak with them. I started to have some questions as well.
If the soil changes its structure within few meters, this should also come up in the wines, because roots absorb what they get from the soil, do they? Why, if the soil changes with 50 meters, wines are all the same?
I kept tasting wines, white wines the most; why do they all smell and taste the same to me? Why didn’t they give me any emotion? So I asked myself: do all the products my father generally uses have an influence on something?
How do they produce wine in the wineries? I had the impression wine had been “undressed” and then “rebuilt”, and I didn’t like it at all: why can’t we leave the same properties that nature gives us as a gift?
Then one day, during one of the first natural wines exhibition in Fornovo, 15 years ago, I tasted a French wine, maybe from Loire Valley, I only remember it was a Chardonnay.
A flash of inspiration! It was 10 years old and it was amazing, I still remember its taste.
During that natural wines exhibition, where most of the wines used to have some flaws, this was sublime, elegant and fine: it perfectly mirrored the taste I had of chardonnay grapes, that is slightly influenced by the soil in which it grows: a soil that enriches the wine and gives it particular features.
This is the way, I told myself. So I asked the producer what he usually did, how he produced it and most of all why. So, with a few difficulties given by the different language, I understood that he adopted a Bio/natural approach to the vines, without forcing anything, no fertilization: he let the vine work in a balanced way. In the winery his work was reduced to the minimum, trying to bottle only what nature and soil were able to give as a gift. “Yet rarely I get these results!”, he told me.
So I repeated myself: this is the way, it’s time to start.

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