Azienda Agricola

One family's land

Love for a place comes before all else. A small piece of land in the small area of Brovia, just above the hills of Gambellara. Here grandfather Rinaldo started working the land, back when the roads were still unpaved and dusty

Local grapes

Davide has always lived of the land's work. This has strongly influenced his approach to wine, his relationship with nature. He learned from an early age from his father Gian Domenico to respect the rhythms of vine and to measure every action because in nature nothing happens by chance.

Back to people

Wine is a story of nature. Nature that comes from the soil and from the history of a place. But nature is also like recovering that bond that unites people, the spontaneous merrymaking that arises behind a label, with a glass in ones' hand.

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Az. Agr. Vignato Davide
Via Capo di Sopra, 39
36053 - Gambellara (VI)
tel. fax +39 0444 444144

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