The best way to get to know Gambellara is walking along its vineyards, admiring the beautiful surrounding hills and enjoying a glass of volcanic wine. We will talk about this wine during our tastings, through an exciting journey from the vineyard to the bottle. We will take you to our winery and inside our vineyard, rich in traditions, passion and taste, where you can get to know our job and taste our products drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the atmosphere.

We have thought about three different experiences based on the needs of our guests:

  • The four souls of volcanic Garganega, it takes 1 hour
  • Gambellara: tastes and emotion of a volcanic terroir, it takes 1 hour and a half
  • From volcano to the glass: a journey inside Gambellara’s secrets, it takes 2 hours.

Tasting will be only on Monday or Friday for minimum 2 people. Tours can be in Italian and English. I suggest you to book at least 72 hours before the arrival so we can welcome you in the best way possible calling the 347 96513111, sending an email to or filling the form in our website

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