Each choise makes sense: winemaking and wine assembly

Today I will talk to you about winemaking of the same grape variety in different tanks, and its assembly before bottling. In fact, every year during harvest, we use different tanks for grapes coming from different areas that, in the end, will produce the same wine. For example, Garganega grape variety for “el Gian”, coming […]

Met again at VinNatur in Genova

Met each other again, spoke face to face, smile together and discovered the pleasure of a meeting, a tasting, a story. Thanks to VinNatur Genova 2021 (21st and 22nd November) we were start again to participate to wine fairs, precious occasions to meet in person and taste together the results of our work. We were very happy to start […]

A video about Gambellara

“Picture speak louder than words”, says a famous proverb. That’s why I decided to register a short video during harvesting days to show you where our volcanic wines are born. A stroll in our Garganega and Durella vineyards, some typical glimpse of Gambellara, our soils rich in dark basalt and tuff, our winery and the […]