I feel the summer in the vineyard like a “long” period of the year, sometimes because days are truly longer, sometimes because you try to use the whole day to work and you come back in the winery when it’s almost evening and it’s tiring.

Vines also work a lot during this period: shoots are extending very fast, the bunches are swollen and day by day more ripen. The vine has to be perfect in this period, in order to have the strength to produce high quality ripen bunches.

That’s why leaves have to be healthy enough, I spray them with copper and sulfur against the two main diseases: downy mildew and powdery mildew. Healthy leaves convert at their best light energy into strength for the grape bunches.

Another delicate aspect during these hot days is soil irradiation. Sun radiation on bare soil warms it up and causes vine roots suffering. That’s why I prefer to let the grass along the row a bit higher, so it protects soil from direct sun rays, it maintains the humidity on the soil and there is also a better microclimate for the life of small animals.

After flowering period, some weeks ago, we began green pruning and cutting leaves around the bunches for a better air and sun passage. Now sun rays are stronger, I let vine shoots grow so they can cover and protect grape bunches from direct sun radiation. August is almost here, we only have to wait for nature to take its course: grape bunches have to ripen at their best, only then we can proceed with harvesting.


Meanwhile, in the fresh air of the winery, it’s time to do some works before the bottling. Every year our wines are bottled in July, we have waited almost one year to let them mature and stabilize in the tanks. Twenty days before the bottling we taste all the tanks and prepare the blends, thinking about the quantities we need and on the different possibilities, in order to find the perfect match. It’s a very important moment for us because in few hours of tastings and trials you try to imagine the future of each wine. With the bottling the work in the winery, that lasted almost one year, is officially over and we can focus on the new harvest with great strength and enthusiasm.






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