It’s summer and our hills are a perfect place to organize a stroll with some friends, a bicycle tour, or even better a picnic, after having visited my winery, so you’ll have the chance to taste new vintages and bring with you some wine in order to quench your thirst.

Here some places worth visiting in Gambellara:

  • Without any doubts the first stop-over is the dormant volcano of Saint Mark Mount, it’s a place full of meaning for wine producers. Here you can see the old caldera of the dormant volcano and the basalt columns that make Gambellara wines so unique. You can see them inside the crater on the right side. The minerality of our wines is born here.
  • From the dormant volcano you can easily reach the small church of Saint Mark, also known as “church of the immigrant”. It has been rebuilt many times, the more recent one was in XX century.
  • Then you can walk until Faldeo Mount, through Crocetta Mount, Monte di Mezzo and finish in Agugliana contrada. It’s the ideal place to admire our hills and Padana Plain.
  • History lovers should stop at Obelisco di Sorio, a small village before Gambellara, where it took place the homonym battle in April 1848. Here the Crusaders coming from Vicenza fought against the Austrian troops.
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