Today I’d like to talk about a dear wine to me, Gambellara DOC Classico Col Moenia,produced exclusively with Garganega grape variety. I can truly say that it’s my first real wine, my first product, the first one produced in order to realize my own interpretation of Gambellara Classico. I wanted a wine with good structure but at the same time drinkable and with good freshness in order to express the volcanic soil: I can say I have reached the goal I had in mind.

We harvest the best grape bunches manually by mid-October and then we put them in crates and bring them to the winery. The wine matures on its own yeasts in stainless steel tanks and, every now and then, we do a batonnage, which means stirring stirring settled lees back into wine, as a way to extract flavours, aroma and texture, I deepen the topic later. Since vintage 2011 the fermentation begins spontaneously with winery yeasts without sulphur addition. A delicate but structured product balanced between acidity and softness. Col Moenia is an authentic expression of my grapes.

Here all the details.

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