History, Territory, Nature. Each choice makes sense. My wine abroad, where and why

Bringing my wine abroad has always been a goal I had in mind, even before having bottled my first bottle. The reason is simple: I have always imagined the foreign states as “thristy” of Italian customs, traditions and products, such as wine.

When I started looking outside of Italy I wanted to move my first steps in the classic markets and I mean USA and Europe; I immediately realized that what I had imagined was just a small part of what I effectively found.

During my travels abroad, where I had the chance to promote my winery, I have always found humble people, they were also very curious to know the territory where the wine is produced, the different techniques and even the smallest details that you encounter in producing a bottle of wine.

Before leaving I always wondered if putting the Gambellara DOC in the label, which is a very small denomination unknown in Italy as well, was worth or not. But my stubbornness makes me produce at all costs territory wines, so I decided to keep the denomination in the label; I think it’s also part of the promotion of a wine and of a territory, so I kept on using the denomination in the label even for the export market.

I have received the greatest confirmation about this last May, during my travel to the American friends/buyers/distributors.

I was by an important client in the outskirts of Denver, when me and my distributor let the owner taste my wines and started talking about Gambellara territory. Among the many strange questions that he made, one surprised me at all and was about how many wineries export Gambellara DOC to the USA, and how many of them are organic. I will remember this question for the rest of my life and my answer was: “Maybe in the USA you can find 2 wineries that export Gambellara DOC, but the only organic Gambellara DOC is the one you’re drinking!” The boy in front of me stood silent for a few seconds with the glass of wine just below his nose watching me and thinking. Then he smiled and said: “So I’m drinking something unique!”. In that very moment I understood that all the choices I have made to export my wines were right, and bringing Gambellara, my small village, proudly all around the world is a great satisfaction and a strength because the most careful buyers are nowadays looking for new products, drinkable and organic wines, so you can drink more then one glass, wines coming from small wineries and non-mainstream denominations.

I began to export my wines 8 years ago and now you can find them in the USA, in Quebec, in Ontario, in Switzerland, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in France and Great Britain.

And I won’t stop here!