Next events: Vinnatur Roma and Sottoscala Carbonari

In February I will begin my tour of events and I’ll be busy with that for the next few months, moreover I’ll be busy with all the typical works of this period in the winery and in the vineyards.

The first date is organized by the friends of the “Sottoscala dei Carbonari” on 15thFebruary at 20.00: 

It is an association that studies, promotes and spreads the culture and knowledge of craftsmanship in its different expressions; it’s the first time I participate to their events and I’m so curious!

On 23rd and 24th February I’ll be in Rome for the Lazio edition of Vinnatur, together with the other 90 members of the association that was launched in 2006 by Angiolino Maule, I have proudly joined this association last year. The event will take place at Area Eventi Officine Farneto, all the details here.