I tell you the story of a wine: Primo Incontro

The latest wine I have produced, already 4 years ago. Primo Incontro, is giving me a lot of satisfaction because people who have tasted this wine are loving it.

A mineral, fresh and drinkable wine, for me it’s the wine of conviviality: the name recalls a meeting between friends and between still Garganega and the dried grapes of Recioto.

Primo Incontro is born from Garganega, an indigenous grape variety from my territory, after a first fermentation with indigenous yeasts, Recioto di Gambellara wine must is added for the second refermentation in the bottle. This wine is born from 25 years old vineyards located in the hills of the subarea Monti di Mezzo and Faldeo, at 200 m.a.s.l. The wine is free from chemical products or Sulphur, I only use indigenous yeasts for the fermentation.

Here you can have a look at the technical sheet.

Description of a wine from the winery: Recioto Cul D’Oro

Christmas holidays are close so I really have to present my “Cul d’Oro”, Recioto di Gambellara Classico DOCG, a wine which is perfect to be paired with the typical desserts of this period.

Garganega grape bunches are harvested by hand, only the best grape bunches are selected among the others, minimum average agr of the vines is 25 years old. Then they dry hung up on the roof (picai), after the pressing the wine matures in barrique. This Recioto wine is gold in colour and smells like ripen fruit. Soft and balanced with a light almond aftertaste. Here you can find the technical sheet of the wine.

The best way to celebrate Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Grape harvest, awards and recognitions

It’s about time and almost everything is ready: the winery is ok, agricultural tools are in action, my family is already working so we can say that harvest 2019 has officially begun!
What are my first impressions? By now I have harvested the grapes for Primo Incontro and for Cuvèe dei Vignato and my impressions are absolutely positive!
Harvest is once again in September, as it should be and as it used to be few decades ago; this helps grapes aromatic maturation, which is the result of the thermal excursion day-night.
In my opinion wines will be very sharp and elegant, with high acidity and medium alcohol level. By the end of October, I’ll keep you updated with all the details.

In the meantime, Gambellara Doc “El Gian” 2017 has been recognized, among 26.000 samples coming from all over Italy, by the guide “Vinibuoni d’Italia” of the Italian Touring Club as a wine that represents the bond between grape variety and territory at its best. “El Gian” has been awarded with a Golden Star, this wine is part of the history of my winery and I’m proud about that because, little by little, my commitment for quality and volcanic territory promotion are repaid.

Another recognition comes from the magazine “ORA Cucina”, which each month selects a winery in order to narrate the beauties about Italy through its most representative wines with typical dishes. In September issue there is a wide article about the territory of Gambellara through the story and the wines of my winery.

Here the PDF version of the article.


I tell you the story of a wine: Col Moenia

Today I’d like to talk about a dear wine to me, Gambellara DOC Classico Col Moenia,produced exclusively with Garganega grape variety. I can truly say that it’s my first real wine, my first product, the first one produced in order to realize my own interpretation of Gambellara Classico. I wanted a wine with good structure but at the same time drinkable and with good freshness in order to express the volcanic soil: I can say I have reached the goal I had in mind.

We harvest the best grape bunches manually by mid-October and then we put them in crates and bring them to the winery. The wine matures on its own yeasts in stainless steel tanks and, every now and then, we do a batonnage, which means stirring stirring settled lees back into wine, as a way to extract flavours, aroma and texture, I deepen the topic later. Since vintage 2011 the fermentation begins spontaneously with winery yeasts without sulphur addition. A delicate but structured product balanced between acidity and softness. Col Moenia is an authentic expression of my grapes.

Here all the details.