El Gian wine

Have you ever wondered where the name of this wine comes from? It’s named after my father Gian Domenico, he taught me a lot about this fascinating world, and I decided to thank him with a special label just for him.

The wine is a single vineyard, produced only with Garganega grape variety, the indigenous grape variety of Gambellara. The grapes are cultivated upon the hills on volcanic soils. The average age of the vineyards is 25 years. The harvest is in October and it is only by hand, then the grape bunches are brought to the winery using crates.

It’s a young and fresh wine, perfect for the everyday meal, such as the peasant tradition teaches.

Here you can find all the details.

Merlot 1950

My territory is mainly identified with white wines, Gambellara and Durello are the greatest example, but among the wines I produce there are also two red wines and today I’d like to tell you the story of Merlot 1950.

First of all the name of the wine is very important for me because 1950 is the year in which the Merlot vineyard was planted by my father and grandfather, almost 70 years ago, we can almost say it is “indigenous” ;-).

The grape bunches are harvested by hand by mid September. Then the grapes are carried to the winery using grates in order to preserve its integrity.

The wine is ruby red, it has an intense perfume and a good structure, it reminds the flavors of red fruit, mainly blueberry and raspberry.

It’s perfect for these cold winter evenings, eating a meat main course or for a snack with a salami sandwich, the serving temperature is 16-18°.

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Book presentation “The great book of Italian sweet wines”

By the beginning of December, I had the chance to present together with its author, the journalist Massimo Zanichelli, and with the owner Nicola Dal Maso, a new book dedicated to the Italian sweet wines, where you can find also my Recioto di Gambellara Docg Cul d’Oro.

It’s been an event in good company with friends and wine lovers that had the chance to enjoy a real journey among Italian wines that Massimo brought there. We tasted those wines paired to delicious dishes prepared by Francesco Bertola from the restaurant “La Marescialla” (Selva di Montebello – VI).

During the tasting there was, among the other wines, my Recioto di Gambellara Docg “Cul d’Oro” 2010 paired to pumpkin gnocchi with cinnamon, butter, sugar and raisin. Then I wanted to let people taste a sample of my Vin Santo 2008, that is still maturing in a damigiana(a traditional wooden tank) paired to a licorice semifreddo and apple Tarte Tatin.

It’s a long process before selling this kind of wines: first the work in the vineyard, then the drying in the winery, the winemaking process and at the end only time will admit we are right to produce such particular and traditional wines.

We could speak about oenological discoveries, sometimes about confirmations or risky pairings, such as oysters and raspberry, that amazed all the guests.

Sometimes to add value to our sweet wines you need a little bit of courage in order to bring them out of the ordinary, where people always pair them to cakes and sweets at the end of the meal; we have tried, and the success was on the faces of the people at the end of the event.