2022 has started, after an amazing skiing in the Dolomites, whit all family who tested positive for covid except for me: thanks to my white volcanic wine I managed to keep covid far away. A good way to start the new year… After a few days at home everything was ok, and we began to participate to the first events after two years of closures.

I remember Live Wine in Milan with lot of concern but also with great enthusiasm of coming back slowly to a new reality. The fair had great success and we had good results; a Tuscan company presented us its South Korean buyer: he liked our wines and so we began to export in South Korea.

Spring passed very fast, Nature doesn’t slow down fortunately, it works day by day. We must support it, care for it and follow it.

In April we partecipated to VinNatur. The most successful edition in the last few years: a lot of friends and clients came to visit us, a lot of new contacts which means new Countries where to export to, from Sweden to Belgium. After the wine fair mind and body went quickly to the winery to prepare shipments and work in the vineyards. We didn’t know it yet, but the hottest and driest Summer was coming: the techniques and works we have been carrying on in the vineyards in the last few years really made the difference.

Green manure, working the soil, and organic substance that we ha re-built during the years let the soil be moister. Our vines have reacted very well to this stress being able to produce, even if in less quantity, good and balanced fruits.

Harvest begun with the injury to my hand, that is slowly getting better: I hope to be ok by next Spring. Luckily the 2 young guys that help me in the winery managed to carry on the situation without any problem during the whole harvest. Because of drought the quantity of grape was less than last year, but quality was very high, especially for Durella and Garganega.

The end of the year is close and the uncertainty, unluckily is still here: war, general crisis and increase of all type of costs. Nevertheless 2022 for us has been a good year, we have been able to meet with our clients and friends, to shake hands and hug each other, work has been very chaotic, and we beat every record of sales, so we are happy and satisfied! 2023 is going to be busy and uncertain, but we are now used to it, and we don’t fear new challenges.