Together with Consorzio Tutela Vini Gambellara in 2004 we started a vine zonation project in collaboration with the University of Padua.

Thanks to this study today we can recognize six Crus inside the Gambellara DOC area: Faldeo, Taibane, Monti di Mezzo, San Marco, Creari and Selva.

But what is a zonation project?

The concept is that there are evidences that, even if the distance is very small, soil and climate can be very different even inside the same denomination area and these specific conditions can influence the wine.

The zonation project tries to identify these homogeneous areas considering climate, soil and productivity, these are all elements that we’ll find later in the wines.

So the wine itself comes from a very specific place that is well recognized and identified.

In this specific news I want to tell you about the subarea Monti di Mezzo, where there are half of my Garganega vineyards.

Monti di Mezzo are located inside the amphitheater of Gambellara, in between the subareas Faldeo and San Marco. The maximum height is 270 mamsl and the sun exposure is south-east. The soil is volcanic and of medium depth. It’s the area where night temperatures from July to September are cooler and with good temperature range that help a perfect aromatic maturation of the grapes. In the hottest vintages, such as 2003, 2015 and 2017, this subarea, despite high temperatures and drought, maintained good levels of aromas.

Wines from Monti di Mezzo are very elegant and delicate, rich in aromas. That’s why here I harvest the 100% of the grape bunches for Primo Incontro and part for El Gian.

In Monti di Mezzo subarea I look for elegance and drinkability that characterize my wines.

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