Harvest 2020 has begun a week earlier than last harvest. On the 20th August we began with the first grape bunches for the pied de cuve, the natural starter of fermentation, while the last grape bunches arrived in the winery on the 14th October.

In this vintage in particular I noticed how our grape varieties Garganega and Durella, typical of our territory, are able to give great results if you have the patience to wait a bit more.

In the first days of September I was a little bit scared because ripening was slow, the rainy summer diluted the substances inside the grape and the vine wasn’t able to concentrate them. Then September hot days and cold nights have finally arrived and vines begun to work hard, the color of the grape bunches became golden, red, then orange, some of them turned kind of purple. The grape has been able to concentrate sugar, aromas, smells so the product in October was perfect to be harvested.

By now, since the wines are still fermenting, I can say it has been a good vintage, exciting as usual, chaotic and demanding, but I’m sure that in November I’ll receive great satisfactions from the smells of the wines during cold autumn days.

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