I tell you the story of a wine: Primo Incontro

The latest wine I have produced, already 4 years ago. Primo Incontro, is giving me a lot of satisfaction because people who have tasted this wine are loving it. A mineral, fresh and drinkable wine, for me it’s the wine of conviviality: the name recalls a meeting between friends and between still Garganega and the […]

Where you can find my wines: Venezia

Today we’re going to visit my friends of Vineria all’Amarone, in Venice, near Rialto Bridge, but don’t let the name mislead you! Of course thay have a rich and interesting selection of Amarone and Valpolicella, but they have the same care and attention also for the selection of other types of wines. You can eat […]

A day in Gambellara and surrounding areas

It’s summer and our hills are a perfect place to organize a stroll with some friends, a bicycle tour, or even better a picnic, after having visited my winery, so you’ll have the chance to taste new vintages and bring with you some wine in order to quench your thirst. Here some places worth visiting […]

Adoptions in the vineyard: a row of vines with your name on it

Adopt a row of vines and follow its growth step by step until it becomes a bottle of wine. This is the new proposal for those who want to live a different experience and get deeply in touch with our daily work. What does “adopting a row of vines” mean? A row of Garganega or […]