Grape harvest, awards and recognitions

It’s about time and almost everything is ready: the winery is ok, agricultural tools are in action, my family is already working so we can say that harvest 2019 has officially begun! What are my first impressions? By now I have harvested the grapes for Primo Incontro and for Cuvèe dei Vignato and my impressions are […]

New appointments coming

After September, which is exclusively dedicated to the harvest, I will start again with some events, so you can get to know me or taste my wines. On October 4th, 5th and 6th I will be in Vicenza, inside the Basilica Palladiana, for ViWine Festival, an event about local wine and culinary excellence. By the end of the […]

Where you can find my wines: Attico sul mare

Last summer days, would you like to join them in front of a good fish dish instead of sunbathing? Then I suggest you Attico sul mare at Grottammare, a restaurant along the Marche region shore. You will join a journey through the flavours of Marche region and its blue sea, with gourmet food and a particular […]

Steel or wood?

This is a question people ask me a lot and I think about it often, in different period of my life… My inclination has always been for steel, because it’s a clean material, easy to disinfect, inert, which doesn’t transfer any aromas to the wines and maintains freshness and minerality unchanged. This material helped me […]