Merlot 1950

My territory is mainly identified with white wines, Gambellara and Durello are the greatest example, but among the wines I produce there are also two red wines and today I’d like to tell you the story of Merlot 1950.

First of all the name of the wine is very important for me because 1950 is the year in which the Merlot vineyard was planted by my father and grandfather, almost 70 years ago, we can almost say it is “indigenous” ;-).

The grape bunches are harvested by hand by mid September. Then the grapes are carried to the winery using grates in order to preserve its integrity.

The wine is ruby red, it has an intense perfume and a good structure, it reminds the flavors of red fruit, mainly blueberry and raspberry.

It’s perfect for these cold winter evenings, eating a meat main course or for a snack with a salami sandwich, the serving temperature is 16-18°.

Here you can find the technical sheet. Prosit!