In this newsletter I’d like to tell you about my “organic” choice.

I have always been fascinated by this way of working the soil and I wanted to carry on this practice. In my opinion it was necessary to think about a more sustainable agriculture compared to the one I found when I started working in this field.

I have always seen my father working 15 hours a day, intoxicating himself, the surrounding environment and the grapes with all the chemical products that he used, and after that his incomes were very low that he couldn’t afford the growth he had in mind! “I can’t go on like this!”, I told myself.

Analyzing the situation, I understood that I had to remove all the chemical products in the soil and in the sprayings, in order to give value to the product and to be in harmony with nature, from the vines in vineyards to the microorganisms in the soil.

This kind of agriculture was more sustainable for me. I started to follow the organic techniques removing chemical fertilizers and all chemical products, using green manure to bring microorganisms and soil back to life and bottling my own product to give an added value to my work and offer people a sustainable wine.

There is always a lot to do and to innovate, but I think this is the right way for a sustainable agriculture, for my winery and for my wines.

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