If you follow me on my Facebook page you already know that in the last weeks I travelled to the USA, I experienced a tour organized by my buyer and other four distributors in some wine shops where you can find my wines.
What should I say? This business trip has been very interesting! Vermont, New York, Colorado e California, these were the stop-over of the journey, mainly about tastings, clients, nights-out in the pubs, trainings of staff, handshakes and people, I really met a lot of people!
Seeing my wine in the American locals and wine shops has been a great satisfaction for me, since when I started with my winery, almost 11 years ago, going to America and have the possibility to drink my wine was kind of a dream to me: and now I managed to realize it!
The feeling I had about the American market in this sector was very dynamic, fresh and ready to accept new wines coming from smaller areas, such as mine.
A lot of young people are getting in touch with the world of wine, and they look for fresh, clean and drinkable wines coming from small areas and from artisan winemakers, better if organic as well. It looks like the perfect description of my wine!

America, once again, is some years ahead of the old and lifeless Europe. I hope there will be the same excitement here in the next few years. In any case for me it has been a great experience and I hope to be able to repeat it as soon as possible.

Here some images of my trip to America.